Privacy Principles - Surgical Specialists PA


Names and e-mail addresses of site visitors will not be provided or released to a third party.

E-mail information, personal information about specific visitor’s access and navigation, and information volunteered by site visitors, such as survey information and site registration information, may be used by Surgical Specialists P.A. to improve the site but will not be shared with or sold to other organizations for commercial purposes.

Surgical Specialists P.A. will use e-mail addresses voluntarily provided by site visitors to notify them about updates, products, services, activities, or upcoming events. Site visitors who do not wish to receive such notifications via e-mail may opt out of receiving such information at any time.

Surgical Specialists P.A. will not allow third parties to collect personal medical information such as medical conditions, health-seeking behaviors and questions, and use of or requests for information about medications, therapies, or medical devices.

E-mail messages sent to us may not be secure. Site visitors are discouraged from sending confidential information by e-mail. Site visitors sending e-mail accept the risk that an unknown third party may intercept e-mail messages. Please consider what personal information you are sending, and how it is being communicated.