Mission Statement - Surgical Specialists PA


Surgical Specialists, P.A. is committed to providing the highest quality surgical care to the patients of the South Central Kansas area. Accomplishment of this mission is through the acceptance of the following core values.

Integrity – We adhere to the open, honest, and ethical dealings with all in whom we come in contact, both in business and medical affairs.

Compassion – We advocate the caring and empathetic treatment of all patients and their family.

Education – We commit to the advancement of knowledge in health care through our continuing education and the postgraduate training of students and residents.

Teamwork – We acknowledge the importance of each member within our organization and other individuals that assist us in the delivery of health care.

Community Service – We accept the responsibility and privilege of providing health care to those less fortunate both here at home and away.

Excellence – We strive to achieve excellence in every area of the practice.