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We at Surgical Specialists are grateful for the opportunity to play a role in your healthcare. We take the responsibility of your well-being as our highest priority. With that in mind, we know there is a lot of conflicting information and fear regarding the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). If you have an upcoming clinic visit or surgical procedure with one of our providers, we would like to share with you the measures we are taking to protect you and your community.

Taking direction from the Surgeon General as well as recommendations from the American College of Surgeons, at this time we will be re-locating outpatient elective procedures away from inpatient medical centers to our outpatient surgery center, Ridgewood Surgery & Endoscopy Center. This is to minimize your exposure to sick contacts. If you are scheduled to have an elective procedure that requires an overnight stay in the hospital, your case will be re-scheduled. This is to ensure hospital beds are available to sick patients in the community. For non-elective procedures (cancer, infection, intractable pain, bleeding), these cases will be performed as scheduled.

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) and World Health Organization (WHO) indicate that the most vulnerable patients to this virus are people aged 70+ with other medical problems. Special consideration will be taken regarding any procedures that fit this description.

Early symptoms are similar to flu-like symptoms including but not limited to fevers, body aches, cough, and sinus congestion. Symptoms can arise 2-14 days after contracting the virus. Most patients do not experience symptoms for up to 5 days. If you have experienced these symptoms in the past 2-3 weeks, please feel free to call to reschedule your appointment. We would be happy to discuss any concerns and make appropriate recommendations regarding scheduling.

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