Free Hernia Screening

Join us on Monday, August 12th 4:00pm – 7:00pm, hosted by Surgical Specialists, PA

Event Location: Pathway Church, 2001 N Maize Rd, Wichita KS  67205


Do you have nausea, groin pain, or a bulge in your abdomen or groin area?

This week’s #OrberaMarketingMakeover Challenge

We need your help to get new materials posted!

In with the new!  We’ve recently updated the way we are engaging with potential Orbera patients, and have released a significant amount of new marketing materials.  These new materials are designed to interact with patients by highlighting the positivity and energy of successful Orbera patients and reinforcing what makes Orbera different. 

Current Opening

Registered Nurse (RN):

Location: Wichita, Kansas
Employee Type: Part Time (12-18 hours per week)
Industry: Medical Office
Job Type: Registered Nurse (RN)
Experience: 2 years’ Experience as RN Preferred

An established medical practice on the West Side is looking for a part time Nurse to work in a team setting assisting in routine preparation and examination of patients.

When should kids wear swim ear plugs?

The thrill of jumping into the pool on a warm summer day is one of the highlights of the season for 5-year-old Charlie Armstrong. Escaping the heat and the sounds of the world above, Charlie takes advantage of the limited time before school is back in session and the pool closes to take a deep breath and dive underwater.